It would be an extreme understatement to say that the skincare industry is complicated, and I understand that. We are constantly bombarded with new substances, treatments, and brands, but sometimes sticking to the fundamentals and avoiding common skincare blunders is the most efficient approach to attain amazing skin.

1. Face Wipes Makeup Remover

Have you ever used a face wipe to remove your makeup, then gone in with a toner and been horrified by the amount of makeup residue left on the cotton pad? Face wipes will not remove your makeup; all they will do is move the makeup around your face and remove the visible residue. Your face may appear clean, but trust me, it is not. If you then apply serums and moisturizers, you’re essentially layering product on top of dirty skin, creating the ideal breeding ground for clogged pores, congestion, and acne. the ideal breeding ground for clogged pores, congestion, and acne.  Let’s stop taking short cuts with our skin and use an actual facial cleanser or soap.

2. Not Washing Your Face in The Morning

Ok, this one just grosses me out. Even if you are working from home or spending the weekend doing nothing, kindly wash your face in the morning. The product you applied the night before, combined with sweat (yes, you will have produced sweat even if you don’t feel sweaty), combined with dead skin cells that are shedding constantly (exfoliation is king), combined with any bacteria on your pillow, duvet cover, or hands, needs to be cleaned away the next morning, especially when you’re going to be applying your morning routine products. You shouldn’t apply goods to dirty skin; it’s somewhat similar to the use of face wipes or cosmetics.

3. Stop Washing Your Face in Hot Water

For years, I was doing this, and I always wondered why my skin felt so red and sensitive after I got out of the shower (HOT shower). It was because I was cleansing it with hot water, which stripped away all of the good natural oils that your skin requires to stay balanced. Now that I keep my face out of the water and cleanse it with lukewarm water after I get out of the shower, I no longer experience post-shower redness/sensitivity!

4. Exfoliate With Caution

Many physical face scrubs are too harsh and can cause micro tears in the skin as well as sensitivity, but there are some that are extremely gentle and effective. Try a gentle yet gritty microdermabrasion scrub that caters to your skin flaws like dry skin, blemishes, wrinkles & acne.  Try exfoliating no more than 2-3 times a week. Unless you’re using a facial cleansing brush by Olay Regenerist, face Exfoliator with 2 brush heads, which by the way, I highly recommend. Then feel free to exfoliate every day.

5. Stop Thinking will automatically Moisturizer Will Fix Your Dry Skin

This is a major misunderstanding. A moisturizer by itself won’t suffice if your skin is really dry because of the moisturizer’s molecular weight (thickness), which prevents it from penetrating below the epidermis, or “top later” of the skin. So, while the top, outer layer will feel softer, the core dryness/dehydration problem with the skin won’t be resolved. Because serums are thin enough to absorb deeply and moisturize or treat your skin from below the surface layer, they are crucial in your routine. Try a delicate but highly potent Pumpkin Facial Serum + COQ10, formulated to improve the appearance of tone, hydrate, soften, and revitalize the skin. I prefer to think of moisturizers as products that seal in the goodness rather than ones that will hydrate or transform my skin; leave that to your serums, essential oils, mists, and oils!

6. You Have to Clean them Dirty skincare Tools

This error ranks rather high on the list of skin care mistakes because so many individuals appear to ignore it. However, if you don’t clean your makeup brushes and utensils frequently enough, it might lead to several skin issues.  Bacteria thrive in filthy brushes (plus oil, dead skin cells, dust, and other gross things). Acne and outbreaks may result from this. In addition to being dryer, dirty brushes have harder bristles in place of the softer ones, which can irritate skin.

7. Using To Many Actives or Products at The Same Time

Because the skincare industry is complex and customers have gotten more informed, businesses are aware that they must begin marketing their products by emphasizing particular ‘trending’ components to catch our attention. When using more active components in your routine, it might be easy to feel as though you must always use every element. However, moderation is key, especially with sensitive skin.  Sensitive skin is a product of the epidermis/outer skin layer.  Some of the active ingredients to consider include Retinol, AHA/ BHA’s, and Vitamin C, and I personally would not combine the three. If you use retinol at night, do your vitamin C serum OR AHA/BHA in the morning. If you take AHA/BHA in the evenings, take vitamin C in the mornings, preferably not together. You CAN use them together, but professionals recommend only using one of them at a time. It is very easy to overdo it on the actives and end up over exfoliating, causing damage to your epidermis/outer skin layer and resulting in sensitivity.

8. Not Using A SPF

You must apply an SPF on your face at all times of the year, but especially during the warmer months, and this must be discussed more. It’s not just about getting burned; sun damage is the leading cause of wrinkles and pigmentation, and it’s particularly terrible in New Zealand due to the enormous hole in our ozone layer.  After using an exfoliating acid like retinol or a strong AHA like glycolic acid the night before, you should wear an SPF during the day. There are so many wonderful SPFs on the market these days, such as the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Water Resistant, Non-Greasy Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 45, TSA-Compliant travel Size, or  CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30, Oil-Free Face Moisturizer with Sunscreen, Non-Comedogenic.

9. Products Will Not Fix Internal Problems

Remember the old saying you are what you eat.  From my own personal experience, I break out with these tiny little whiteheads between my eyebrows and on my forehead when I indulge in soda.  Your greatest organ, your skin, is going to be picky, therefore you’ll have to explore (through the process of elimination) to find out what foods it doesn’t like. For me, Diet first (plenty of water), skincare second, and makeup third is my skincare mantra.

10. Patience & Consistency

Our skin has a 28-day cycle, so sometimes it’s going to take a little while to see results. Using products with ingredients like retinol & vitamin C especially need more patience, and you really need to be diligent with your skincare over a good couple of weeks before you see results, especially for things like acne, scarring, fine lines and pigmentation.  Be patient and consistent, you will see results.

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In conclusion, practice better skincare habits for clear youthful glowing skin and you will avoid these mistakes without even thinking about it.  I am not a doctor or professional skincare specialist; I am a beauty editorial content writer instead, I have learned everything I know about skincare through trial & error as a skincare junkie, research, talking to aestheticians, facialists, and other professionals in the field.  I’m just sharing. Please consult a skincare expert or your doctor if you have any concerns about your skin or the items you are using.