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ADI Launch a No Find No Fee Water Leak Detection Service in the UK

Emily Jones



Water leakage can be a devastating pain.

Aside from wasting your water, it also hikes you utility bills unnecessarily. Sometimes, it may be quite difficult to detect the source of the leaks. This compounds the problem.

It is also frustrating to have to pay for a serviceman just to take a look at your plumbing system.

Nevertheless, whether you have a Jacuzzi or a swimming pool at home, it is important that you always check for damaged or worn equipment that may cause leakage.

The passage of time and regular use may subject the equipment to worn and torn, causing serious leakage and water wastage.

What if you have a professional firm that offers to assist you with leak detection? The icing on the cake? You won’t pay a dime if no leaks are found.

That sounds so cool, right? That’s what ADI is bringing to your door.

The water leak detection company offers to check your home for possible sources of water leakage.

It has years of experience in detecting and fixing leaks in spa equipment, pools, and other areas of the home where there are potential chances of leakage. The earlier detection of possible sources of leakage will make it easier for you to fix the problem before it gets out of hand.

Some of the areas the company will inspect are your tap, pipes, spa equipment, and pool. A tap may wear out if it is repeatedly turned on and off from time to time. A pipe may burst and start leaking water. If a pool bowl is not strong enough, it may crack and start leaking as well. Garden hoses may also start leaking once they are used beyond the acceptable limit. There is an endless list of possible ways your water may leak.

ADI offers its services to a wide range of people. Homeowners, tenants, and businesses can benefit from this service. The water detection services will get to you no matter your location or situation in the United Kingdom.

ADI can trace and repair central heating leaks, water main leaks, underground leaks, under floor leaks, and ground source heat pump leaks. Other areas where you will find the company useful include fixing hot feed leaks, swimming pool leaks, and cold feed leaks.

To identify all sources of water leaks, ADI will search the following areas of your home or property:

  • Concrete and tarmac.
  • Landscaped gardens.
  • All external hard surfaces.
  • Fields and open spaces.
  • All types of internal flooring.

However, if ADI doesn’t find any leakage, that’s fine. The company won’t bill you for the inspection.

Why does the company want to go through this process to identify leaks in your home?

ADI is determined to help you avoid some of the huge problems that an unfixed leak can cause.

Consider the impact of a leaking central heating system in the winter. You and your family will be at the mercy of the cold weather. What about internal water leaks from tanks, pipes, and what have you? Of course, such leaks will damage your floors and walls. Make a mental calculation of the cost of rectifying such problem and realize what you stand to gain from identifying and fixing such a problem as soon as possible.

This is aside from the series of health problems that may arise from a damp home. Your home will also be the perfect breeding ground for bugs, insects and mites. Think about the possibility of having such insects in your walls, under your floors, and every other part of your home.

A call to ADI is what you need to get rid of this problem. The company will search through your home for leaks and fix them. That helps to keep your home in perfect condition.

You are not indebted to the company if no leaks are found. If you are a UK resident, take advantage of that guarantee and call for an inspection today.

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