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Apple login button to be placed above Google and Facebook

David Brown



A new “Sign on with Apple” button in iPhone and iPad apps will be positioned on demand of the Apple Inc, above the competing buttons from Alphabet Inc`s Google and Facebook Inc, as per the design guidelines that were released earlier this week.

Apple introduced a feature that generates an email address at random in order to avoid the customer`s real email address from being revealed.

This was done to emphasize on user`s privacy when Apple released the login button on Monday.

Apple was trying to give the customers and users a variety of private options as well as to offer a quick one-step login to the developers which would log in without the user`s data being transferred to other companies, as stated by Apple`s software chief Craig Federighi.

No comments were made by the rival companies, Facebook and Google on this decision by Apple.

However, Google did go on to saying that there is no need for Google login buttons in case of applications that are downloaded by the Android users from Google Play Store.

Placing of Apple login button above rival login buttons is a part of its “Human Interface Guidelines”. However, this proposal made to the developers is not a formal requirement.

Tim Cook, Apple`s Chief Executive said that the company is not a monopoly in its operating industry and said that given the size and reach of the company, it was only “fair” by the regulators to scrutinize Apple.


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