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Apple to replace iTunes

Olivia Wilson



iTunes users around the globe may be in for a big surprise. Apple is contemplating substituting the heavily-used music app.

Apple will start its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019 event on Monday in San Jose. The theme address is presumed to hold a hint of the company’s shifting away from its popular media app.

The tech giant has already taken a move towards the substitution of its renowned iTunes. It has launched a television app to boost its Apple TV+ video service’s reach.

It is hoped that the new TV app will appeal to people across different platforms. Bloomberg is of the opinion that the Monday event will signify the end of iTunes as the company plans to show its macOS desktop apps.

These apps are designed with similar features to iOS. Different apps are designed for TV, Music, and Podcasts.

The Music app will replace iTunes whenever you need to manage your OS updates, local backups, and other iThings.

This is perhaps the best time for the company to consider the replacement. Since it opened the iTunes Music Store over a decade ago, Apple has made billions of dollars from different attractive services it offers via the music store.

Through iTunes, people could do practically everything they were doing in physical stores.

The app makes it possible for users to rent or buy movies or even listen to podcasts. It was a revolution with a positive impact on the music industry.

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