Photo: Ameerah Jones/Instagram; Taylor Hale

Joined by Bruner’s former ‘Big Brother’ companions, including victor Taylor Hale, the ceremony became a mini-reunion.

Michael Bruner has officially stepped into the marital arena!

The familiar face from Big Brother 24, Bruner, exchanged vows with his love, Hayden Middleton, amidst the mystical vibes of Friday the 13th, weaving their forever tale in the scenic backdrop of Minnesota.

On Instagram, Bruner showcased the pair’s eccentric taste, revealing a snapshot adorned with Halloween masks accompanied by the hauntingly romantic caption, “‘Til death do us part 🖤 #fridaythe13th.”

Middleton, on the other hand, basked in the sublime joy of the moment, capturing their love under the radiant glow of a “Mr. & Mr.” neon sign, an emblem of their unified journey. “Embarking on this celestial journey with my soulmate, @michaelbruner3 💍❤️,” he penned, evoking the sentiments of a love, eternal and profound.

Big Brother Alum Michael Bruner
Photo: Taylor Hale/Instagram

The ceremony, an enchanting blend of spook and romance, saw the congregation of Bruner’s comrades from the Big Brother house. The camaraderie of Brittany Hoopes, the triumphant Taylor Hale, Joseph Abdin, and Ameerah Jones, painted the event with hues of nostalgia and warmth.

Echoes of their unique love resonated in the details – the allure of cat-themed concoctions, the silhouette-adorned cake capturing the essence of Bruner, Middleton, and their beloved felines – every element a testament to their unique bond.

Draped in elegance, Bruner’s gray ensemble contrasted harmoniously with Middleton’s classic black attire, their red bow ties, a silent whisper of their synchronized hearts.

Big Brother Alum Michael Bruner and Hayden Middletons Spooky Yet Sweet Friday
Photo: Taylor Hale/Instagram

Amidst the ceremonial bliss, a snapshot encapsulated the essence of the Big Brother 24 reunion – a moment frozen in time, echoing the enduring bonds sculpted in the house.

As the stars twinkled overhead, the rhythm of Doja Cat’s “Boss B—-” summoned Bruner to the dance floor, his moves, a dance of liberation and jubilation, captured for eternity by Hale’s lens.

As the night’s curtain drew to a close, the Big Brother ensemble basked in the afterglow of the celebrations, painting a picture of camaraderie and revelry.

Big Brother Alum Michael
Photo: Ameerah Jones/Instagram; Taylor Hale

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