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Bow Wow Says He Had Ciara First – Fans React

Olivia Wilson



Over a decade ago, Ciara and Bow Wow had a short affair that lasted for just two years.  While they have since separated, Bow Wow says something incredible, recently making a derogatory reference to the relationship, something that didn’t go down well with social media users and Ciara fans.

Over the weekend, the singer disrespected the talented Ciara in a video that has since gone viral. The 32-year-old reality star did the unthinkable when he paused mid-verse and said “I had this b**** first” while performing their collaboration titled “Like You” in Atlanta. He was performing his 2005 hit song featuring Ciara. This derogatory statement has pitched him against Twitter users who have since slammed him for uttering such a belittling remark about someone he previously claimed to be in love with.

A Twitter user @darleneturner53 expressed her dissatisfaction with the unruly remark. She wrote: “Ciara and Russell living their best life in 2019 while Bow Wow looking stuck in 2002.”

The video has since been shared on Shade Room, a celeb gossip platform, where viewers have since expressed their displeasure at such an utterance from Shad Moss, popularly known as Bow Wow. They are utterly disgusted at what they consider an insult to Ciara, a happily married mother of two, who has since moved on with her life.

One viewer wrote: “And she secured more money than you have your whole career soooooooooo.”

Another person who didn’t feel comfortable with the statement derided the singer. He said: “His biggest accomplishments are the women he’s dated. He’s letting that be known such a dweeb.”

On Instagram, rapper T.I gave Bow Wow a piece of his mind: “Why though?.. City Boyz down 82,000,000 but that #HotManSummer is still ablaze!,Damn Cuzz…Just damn!!”

Shad Moss has a reputation for his negative antics while his career as a musician is theoretically over. While Ciara has since moved on, dated other celebs, and has continued to keep her career alive, Bow Wow seems to be stuck to the past.

It is public knowledge that both singers dated between 2004 and 2006. At a time, it was rumoured that they were engaged. However, the affair didn’t lead to marriage as Bow Wow broke up with the “Level Up” musician, an action he later claimed he regrets.

Ciara doesn’t seem bothered by the statement, however. She shared a picture of her daughter and herself over the weekend where they both posed in matching bathing suits.

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