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Canon 80d Is The Most Popular Camera For Safari Lovers….

Tony Natoli



The Tanzania Safari has gradually turned into a must-see for millions of tourists across the globe. The safari offers a natural world, wildlife, and an opportunity to climb the popular Mount Kilimanjaro.

One of the biggest mistakes some tourists make is leaving the safari with nothing to remind them of the beautiful experience they have during the expedition. Don’t fall victim of this innocent but painful mistake.

If you are going on a Tanzania Safari expedition, you should bring your new Canon 80D camera along with you.

Images are great reminders of the memorable experience you will have during the expedition and this camera will enable you to take as many pictures as you care to have. What’s about the camera?

Canon 80D is a special camera that is designed for the rigour of an expedition. Some of its attractive and awesome features are:

  1. It is weatherproof

When you are caught in the dusty roads of Tanzania, you will need a camera that won’t give in under such weather. African thunderstorm is another force to contend with. This camera is also designed to withstand such thunderstorms. Thus, you are assured of a durable camera that will get the job done for you without disappointing you when you need it most.

  1. Amazing WiFi Connection

If you are used to taking great pictures from your phone, it’s time to put your experience to work. Connect the camera with your phone and take amazing shots. Take advantage of its sweet flip screen that supports low angle shots. It’s also perfect for shooting video.

  1. High-Resolution Image

Fully equipped with 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, the camera is great for capturing high-resolution images. With its refined individual pixels, you can also take two varieties of high ISO speed images. For photographs, you can capture 16000 ISO Speed and 128000 for videos.

The camera’s ability to take great images is also boosted by its remarkable shutter. During continuous shooting, the camera is designed to shoot up to 7.0 fps, an assurance of great photographs and quick performance.

  1. Intelligent Viewfinder

You can get two different AF displays from the camera’s Intelligent Viewfinder. These are the AF mode and AF points. The Intelligent Viewfinder also has a horizontal electronic level, a grid display, and a host of other features that support taking great pictures.

  1. Great Lenses

With the camera comes a huge selection of lenses through its EF mount Canon. The great lenses offer you the opportunity to prioritize quality images when taking pictures.

The lenses have f/1.8 maximum aperture and 50mm focal length. This makes the camera great for nighttime photography, portraits, and action photographs with different angles of view. Choose vertical, horizontal, or diagonal and take amazing pictures.

Use the stepping motors that offer continuous Move Servo AF that’s great for shooting movies or videos. For still photographs, opt for the smooth AF. Regardless of your option, the camera will enable you to take silent and great pictures.

When leaving the Tanzania Safari, it will be great if you have something to remind you of your experience. Take awesome photographs during the expedition and give yourself an attractive memorabilia.

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