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China Fines Ford As A Result Of The Clash Between US-China Trade

Olivia Wilson



The antitrust regulator just fined Ford 25 million dollars this Wednesday.

The fine was imposed on Changan Ford, Ford’s main joint venture in the country with a Chinese company.

It is a result of the trade clash between China and the United States of America which started after the trade talks between them collapsed.

Washington and Beijing are targeting each other’ business ever since it first began, when Trump government denied the Chinese company Huawei and such from getting any supplies such as software, hardware, microchips and such from American companies and banned the sales of the products from the same companies.

This sparked a fuel and China had said that they will target the companies that harm the interests of Chinese firms.

Changan Ford became the first target of this feud this Wednesday, while big companies like FedEx are already feeling the pressure.

Although it is not officially stated that this fine was because of the clash between the two countries, the incidents point it to that direction only.

According to the respective administration, the fine was imposed because the company was setting the lowest prices for the dealers in

Chongqing is the one that caused the problem to the dealers of autonomy in setting their own prices.

This is not the first time regulators in Beijing have taken this action, in the past also several companies have been acted against for the same, to shape the way industries grows in China.



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