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Coca-Cola Intends to Produce Coffee-Infused Coke in the US

Olivia Wilson



Over the years, Coca-Cola has done what it knows how to do best.

It has released different flavors of its internationally-recognized brand, Coke.

In 2016, the soda company experimented with a coffee-infused brand packaged as Coca-Cola Blak with a view to giving consumers another flavor of the brand.

However, consumers were against coke with coffee. Unlike some more successful flavors, this flavor was discontinued due to the opposition from consumers.

Recently, the company has created some other coffee-infused brand, the Coca-Cola Plus Coffee.

Some countries like Spain, Australia, Thailand, Italy, and Poland were some of the countries where this special brand was sold.

Coca-Cola is now contemplating releasing the brand into the United States after the success of the pilot phase of those countries.

The company is planning to release the new brand into some 25 countries across the globe.

If it gains popularity among American consumers, the company believes it may be successful in other countries as well.

Reflecting on the initial rejection when the idea was introduced over a decade ago, Nancy Quan, Coca-Cola’s chief technical officer, stated in an interview –

“that was a trend before its time. I don’t think people were ready to have a coffee portfolio within the Coca-Cola brand. ”

Although people are accustomed to consuming caffeinated drinks, the world is waiting to see whether people are now having a different opinion about this specific brand from how they viewed it some 13 years ago.


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