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Days Gone Game: A New Weekly Challenge from Sony Bend Studio

Tony Natoli



Keeping with its tradition of releasing a weekly challenge for Days Gone, its blockbuster game, Sony Bend Studio released a new game yesterday. Dubbed Ambush Camp Rush, this new Combat Challenge has tons of features that distinguish it from the previous challenges.

For a start, it is a bit more challenging than its predecessors. The game has tons of sub-objectives that increase its difficulty. This is in addition to being a timed challenge that mounts pressure on players to complete a mission within a given time.

While playing the new challenge, you must overrun the enemy camp as fast as you can. While at it, you will earn an impressive combo chain as a reward for your performance.

The first three days of the Days Gone Game Challenge is quite difficult. To make it easier for players to achieve the sub-objectives, the developers provide some winning strategies.

The Challenge has four sub-objectives. These are:

  1. Kill a specific number of marauders without causing alarm. This requires that you attack the camp secretly without exposing yourself to danger. Use the explosives and Molotovs to execute the mission while you remain unseen.
  2. Kill a specific number of enemies from the berserk enemies. As you start the challenge, a sniper will kill the enemies and thus throw confusion into their midst. Take advantage of the confusion to wreck havoc on them. The three Residue Bolts will come in handy here.
  3. Take down a specific number of enemies with traps and distractions. Use this weapon as soon as you can. Loot corpses and whatever you find around them to make the traps.
  4. Overrun the camp within a specific time. This challenge is the hardest. While going as fast as you can is helpful, you must avoid trip wires and bear traps also. Most importantly, employ different effective strategies such as creating confusion in the camp, secretly killing the enemies, as well as using single explosions to blow enemy clusters.

Apart from the sub-objectives, you must have the right weapons to carry out your attacks. Some important weapons you should be conversant with are Fleur de Lis that will prevent your crossbow bolt from falling off, Rolling for reloading your weapon, Joker that draws distant items near you when sliding, and Reaper that makes you an efficient killer when your health bar starts flashing.

With these weapons in your arsenal, you can carry out a successful attack on your enemy camp without stress.

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