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Declare Government Ban Illegal, Huawei Urges The Court

Emily Jones



In a move to reverse the American ban of its product, Huawei has approached the court.

The company petitions the court to modify the ban so that the company can sustain its business in America.

The tech giant argues that the ban, supported by the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, Section 889, is a violation of one of US Constitution’s clauses, the “Bill of Attainder, Due Process and Venting.”

According to a spokesperson for Huawei, Song Liuping, the company was banned by the American government irrespective of lack of evidence that the company poses a security risk to the US government.

He also chides the government for banning third-party contractors that patronize the phone maker, even though such contractors don’t have a link to the United States’ government.

You will evoke that Huawei performed the list of Commerce Department’s Entities List.

Its membership of the list earned the company a ban while US companies were also instructed to discontinue any form of business relationship with the Chinese company.

If the ban is reversed, the current pressure on the company will reduce drastically while it can gradually claw it is way back into the mind of its millions of consumers and business partners in the US.

However, the US government may have to provide proof of the company’s involvement in activities that undermine the security of the United States in order for the ban to stand.

Well, the hearing on the case has been adjourned to September 19th.

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