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`Declawing a cat illegal`: Say New York lawmakers

Tony Natoli



New York to endeavor as the first state in the country to outlaw the declawing of cats as the state legislature has voted in favor of banning declawing of cats or onychectomy.

However, the ban will not apply in cases where it is an absolute necessity due to certain unavoidable reasons and where a “physical medical condition” that “compromises the cat`s health” is concerned, as stated by the bill`s text.

Also the procedure for “cosmetic or aesthetic reasons or reasons of convenience in keeping or handling the cat,” will be outlawed according to the bill passed by the legislature.

This will allow a fine of amount $1000 to be imposed on veterinarians who will violate this law and may also be applicable on the cat owners of New York State.

The legislation approached New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo`s (D) desk on Tuesday after passing the bill, for the approval.

Declawing was called “undesirable” by the legislation sponsor, New York Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal (D) in a statement about the measure to the New York Times.

She went on to say that the bill was passed to protect the cats from agony and that it was for those cat owners who “think that their furniture is more important than their cat.”

Rosenthal was seen to be in total favor of the bill as she said about declawing that “It’s irrelevant, it’s depressing, and it causes the cat problem” and that “It’s just brutal”.

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