In this article, we will go in-depth with the solution to the query: “does cookout take apple pay.” Apple Inc. is the top consumer brand product company known globally for its top-notch products. 

Since 2014, apple has introduced the most secured payment method, “apple pay.” It is a method that is known worldwide for payment processing.

Cookout is a well-known American fast food restaurant. You can say this restaurant is a food chain provider of fast food. So, today you will know about the link of apple and cookout.

Does cookout take apple pay?

Yes, cookout takes apple pay at their restaurants to process the payment. In 2020, this payment method got verified by a cookout. 

Many people want to make contactless payments, so this payment method works the best. Especially it is the best payment method for the apple users that you will find everywhere around you.

How to use apple pay at a cookout for payment?

Here is the detailed and most easy process of using apple pay at a cookout:

  • Activate your apple pay account, or if you have a linked credit/debit card, you must take it with you.
  • Go to the counter for checkout with all the products you want to purchase
  • Open your apple device and use face ID/Touch ID to validate your identity.
  • Select the card you want to use to make a payment.

Every cookout brand has a contactless reader, use that to scan for purchase and you will make an automatic payment.

Is it possible to get cashback at the cookout by paying with apple pay?

If you are using apple pay at a cookout and a store accepts it, you will be eligible for the cashback. There are no basic transaction limits for the cashback, and you can get it as many times as you make the payment. Before doing the cashback, read the terms and conditions on the apple website. You can get up to 3% cashback on every transaction.

Usually, apple users get the cashback of their payment through the card. Eligibility criteria are available on the official apple website. 

Suppose you do regular shopping, so we suggest you have an apple pay card. It will be feasible for you to get cashback with every transaction.

What are the benefits of using Apple pay at a cookout?

Apple and cookout both have been working together to make it easy for customers to give an effortless way of transactions to the customers:

  • Quality discounts are available by adding debit cards to apple pay for savings with ease of use.
  • Avoid the unnecessary hassle of carrying too much cash or cards
  • Digital wallet to support
  • Burden reduced of managing cards
  • Contactless cash to speed up checkout lines

Other payment methods that cookout supports

Here are the other payment methods that cookout supports other than apple pay as follows:

  • Cash
  • Credit/card, master card, visa
  • App payment
  • NFC
  • PayPal


We hope you get the right solution for the query: “does cookout take apple pay.” If you need further assistance, then comment down.