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Etherborn Arrives On Nintendo Switch

Tony Natoli



If you have a Nintendo Switch at home and are passionate about games, you may give Etherborn a shot. This is a unique and puzzle game that is currently available on Nintendo Switch. You can download this on Steady and have a memorable experience from playing it.

As Etherborn arrives on Nintendo Switch, you will assume the role of a unanimous being thrust from the world beyond into this world. Your primary responsibility is to find out who you really are. A bodiless voice is aware of your arrival and looks forward to it with eager expectation.

The game is built to enable you to understand and explore the gravity-shifting structures. Your journey starts as soon as you have the first thought. This can be challenging as you navigate the unfamiliar environment you find yourself.

While playing this game, everything you have learnt about Physics becomes irrelevant. They are not practical here. While exploring your environment with a view to understanding it better, you can scale walls easily because the gravity here is different from what you have in the real world.

This new world isn’t perfect. You have to contend the trickiness of the world. Although you can scale walls with ease, you must be very careful while doing that. Otherwise, you may have a dangerous, life-threatening fall.

As you keep learning how gravity behaves and shifts here, you continue to solve some confounding problems too. If you can’t solve the puzzle, you won’t have an idea of your purpose in the queer world.

As you travel through the exotic and beautiful scenery, you move from one level to another. Each level offers you an organic puzzle. Understand the puzzle, manipulate, explore, and shift them to enable you to understand the next line of action you should take.

The awesome features of this game are:

  • Navigation-based puzzles that put your sense of gravity to the task.
  • Gravity-shifting platforming.
  • Surreal levels.
  • A dynamic soundtrack for each level.

You can maximize your experience while playing the game by using the recommended settings.

The developers recommend a Windows 10 operating system, a 3.2GHz Intel i-5 processor, an available space of 2.5 GB, a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, a direct X version 11, and a GTX 1060 from GeForce.

Etherborn is available in multiple languages such as Spanish, English, Russian, Catalan, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, and German. While it is available as text in most languages, Spanish, English, and Catalan players can have it in both text and audio. You can purchase it on Steam for $16.99 only.


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