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Facebook CEO Suffers A Vote Of Authority

David Brown



In the Annual General Meeting conducted on 30 May 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was made to face a leadership vote for stepping down as the Chairman.

But as the reports mention throughout the web, Zuckerberg was found to drop the control over his company’s deals as the Chairman of the company because of his possession towards the company’s 60 percent of the shares.

As the concerned practices on Facebook in relation to the privacy concerns, data collection practices, and data breaches, it develops the concerns of the authorities through the development of social media perceptive among the people and even the stakeholders.

Certain shareholders or even the group of investors have certainly been questioning the CEO to back off from his position for the company’s concerns. ‘

Further, the stakeholders call for the company to conquer the lease and set it apart as for the allegations of monopolistic practices and anti-trust are a matter of concern.

As a matter of fact, Mark Zuckerberg holds 60 percent of the shares of the company that allows him to lead the company with any decision according to his will without concerning the others, yet, the phenomenon goes against his will.

Also, the shareholders of the company, government officials, users or the general observers would not be comfortable with such situations to head on.

Furthermore, to be notified, Ex-security chief of Facebook, Alex Stamos, has also questioned the position of the CEO and goes through the consequences to urge Zuckerberg to step down from the position in order to settle and control the hot winds among the authorities.

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