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Fadetheblackk: Popular Artist Takes His Creativity to the Fashion World




Popularly known by his stage name, Fadetheblackk,  has gradually carved a niche for himself in the music industry.

Born in Bronx, New York, the popular artiste gained attention in 2017 when he appeared some mixtapes by DK Miles. Since then, he has cemented his reputation as a fast-growing artiste by releasing a couple of singles after being launched into the music world through that appearance.

He has since released 15 singles. Some of its outstanding projects include “Cold World” and “Figure it Out.” These successful singles have contributed to his astronomical rise in the industry. He eventually booked a space among the elite artistes in the United States with a whopping 14 out of his songs booking their spaces among the top albums in the country.

In 2018, he released Visions, his debut album under the Warner Music Group music label. This single has taken the world by the storm as it gained massive popularly across the globe. The huge acceptance the single received has contributed immensely to Fadetheblakk’s status as a major artiste in the world.

The music is currently available on levelmusic and Soundcloud. You can check out his works on both platforms. He is gradually living up to his nickname as his music helps him to put obscurity behind him as he embraces fame.

The New York-based artiste is not content with driving his music to the next level only. He’s working passionately to help more artistes realize their dreams of succeeding in the music industry.

He is currently using his social media influencer status to assist upcoming artistes find a platform where they can promote their music to the global audience.

After becoming a successful influencer on social media, the gifted artiste is considering making his way into the fashion industry.

He recently expressed his decision to float a clothing line as his contribution to the industry. He hopes to start the line next year.

Inspired by Jefferson Pang, Antonio Rosario explained that his sweaters will be available “sometime in early 2020.” According to him, his clothing line will include jackets, tee shirts, hoodies, and a host of other clothing.

His fans don’t have to worry over the clothing name. The artiste intends to retain his brand name. So, his fans can expect the Fadetheblackk clothing line next year. This may be another “hit” from the talented musician.

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