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Family Orbit Releases Family Phone Tracker App

Olivia Wilson



Amidst the increasing security concerns that families have to deal with, Family Orbit has announced the release of a family phone tracker app that enables parents to track their kids with impressive accuracy.

While highlighting the motive behind the launch, the company explained on its official website that as a parent, you can “keep an eagle eye on your kids in real-time with ease by using the Family Orbit Child Phone Tracker App. By knowing where your children are, you can respect their privacy during the day-while knowing they are safe.”

The family phone tracker app allows individuals to locate and monitor their loved ones via a tablet or a smartphone. This enables them to protect their loved ones with ease from the convenience of their homes or offices.

According to the experienced security company, the phone tracking app has several features that support its claim as a reliable tracker for families. The company claims that the phone tracking app allows you to view phone data such as photos, texts, contacts and a host of others.

You can also track GPS location from anywhere with precision, a very valuable feature that makes the family phone tracker an efficient tracking device.

Family Orbit explained further that the device has Geofencing feature. With it, a user can set an imaginary boundary for the individual(s) being tracked. Once the boundary is breached, you will receive immediate notification from the device, informing you about the breach.

You can also track your loved one’s web history to gain an insight into what they do behind the curtain, an attempt at ensuring that they are not misusing the phone privileges you offer them.

The Family Orbit Mobile Tracker app also allows you to monitor the applications downloaded by your child or any other loved ones too. It offers you an opportunity to know whether the apps your children are downloading are good and safe for use while respecting their privacy.

If you are always concerned about your children’s whereabouts, you can track their phones by setting up check-ins and notifications that will give you near real-time report about their location at any given time.

The company also reiterated its desire to ensure that nearly everyone can use the device. This influenced its decision to make the family app available for both Android and iOS users.

For Android users, the Family Orbit tracker is compatible with Android OS4.4 – 9. Rooting is not required for the tracker to function on the device.

iOS users can download it on their device too. It supports iOS9-iOS 12 too. Jailbreak is not required before use.

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