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Firefox Will Be Blocking Trackers Soon

Tony Natoli



With the era of growing technology, we face mounting issues. Web browser Firefox will now be barring thousands of web trackers by default.


Obstructing web trackers will guard users corresponding many websites, analytic companies and other advertisers that want to follow their path across the web.

This change may divert the advertisers towards less important practices improving the privacy of the users’ web habits.

This change should also speed up the browser. Mozilla Firefox is trying to touch the middle ground.

It is only barring known trackers and not all cookies as hindering all cookies may cause some websites to not function at all.

In case any user wants more protection can go to the settings and change its security mode from default –“standard” to “strict”.

This new strategy embraced by Firefox will be on for all new Firefox users by default from June 4, 2019. It will also become the default for the existing users within a few months.

If an existing user still wants to take advantage of this feature, it can be switched on in settings before Mozilla changes it to default for everyone.

While Mozilla is not first in the race when it comes to blocking trackers, it still is ahead of  Google’s Chrome browser which has just started to scratch the surface in features that limit tracking.

Google has been drawn in holding some significant list of web tracking alive. So Mozilla and apple are still ahead of Chrome.

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