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Formerly Homeless Man Goes Back to University after 40 Years

David Brown



In what seems like a scene from a movie script, a formerly homeless man was recently readmitted into the University of Texas of Austin to complete his degree after leaving school in 1975.

The 67-year-old David Carter left school while struggling with some mental health issues such as substance abuse and schizophrenia.

This came exactly 49 years after Mr. Carter was first enrolled in the university as an undergraduate.

His readmission is possible due to the effort of a current student who assisted the septuagenarian to handle his application process.

Mental health issue forced the studio art undergraduate out of school when he impaired his drawing ability due to a hand injury he sustained during an alcohol-related problem.

Carter took to hitchhiking after he dropped out of the University of Texas in Austin. For the next decades, he toured the country before he eventually returned to his origin, Austin, after 20 years of dropping out of school.

He spent a reasonable amount of his hitchhiking life as a homeless man until fortune smiled on him six years ago. He leveraged land subsidy by Caritas of Austin, a non-profit organization, to drop his homeless tag.

He made several attempts to re-enroll into the university but couldn’t put through due to some issues such as irregular access to a computer and his inability to afford the application fee.

However, through the assistance of a University of Texas undergraduate, Ryan Chandler, his dream came true. Chandler assisted Mr. Carters with the registration and covered his registration fee as well.

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