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Gears Of War 5 Introduces New Arcade Mode

Tony Natoli



The good news for Xbox One owners is the introduction of new modes and other features into Gears of War 5. The new features are designed to improve players’ performance while having fun playing this third-person shooter game.

For instance, it has Escalation, Mode. This mode enables players to make quick life-saving decisions when faced with the Locust horde. Failure to do this may lead to sudden death.

Of particular interest is the Arcade mode. This new mode is getting attention from players who have come across the upgraded game. Why is this mode generating interesting reactions from players across the globe? Let’s take a look and see what is special about it.

While addressing the major difference between the Gears of War franchise and its competitors, Ryan Cleven, the director of the multiplayer game, commented about the adoption of close combat in the game. This is a distinction between the game and others where players have sufficient space to operate. Players even have enough room and time to plan their next attack in some competitor games.

The close attack method may be quite a handful for players who are not familiar with such a concept. The Arcade mode was designed to assist such players to adapt and improve their games as they learn how to be effective players even when they have limited space to operate.

Arcade works on a very simple principle. Before they start a match, players can choose between the available characters in the game. Each of these characters has their special weapons. If you are comfortable with the weapons, you can play the game without adjusting the settings.

Regardless of the character you choose, you will get a designated bounty. Each time you kill an enemy or get a bounty, you will be rewarded with some skulls. These skulls will help you to go further on your weapon tree.

The simple principle will be a welcome development for new players. They can leverage the features of this mode to get as many weapons as they need in the game.

It’s clear from the fifth version of the game that the developers are focusing on offering players a wide range of weapons to choose from. This is an improvement over the shotgun combat the game is known for in the past.

This fifth version of Gears of War has tons of attractive features. Players will learn about them while playing the game. However, they still have to wait for a couple of months more before they can have access to this game.

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