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For the flocks of digital nomads flying through our nation’s hostels and cafés, there’s always one big question – where to land next? In this article, we’ll be exploring a few of the country’s top destinations for you to perch at and plug in. So, get your business cards ready and prepare to make the most of your time in these great locations shared by

Create Some Great Business Cards

As a digital nomad entrepreneur, you’ll meet a lot of like-minded people during your travels. As such, it’s important to bring along nice business cards so these individuals will remember who you are and what your business is all about.

Even though technology has advanced significantly in the last decade, business cards are still as vital as ever. In a digital-focused world where every interaction is virtual, a physical representation of yourself can be powerful and meaningful. Business cards can make a lasting impression and allow people to remember you better than if they’d simply seen an online profile. They also provide quick access to contact information when someone may not have their phone or laptop with them. A business card is a reminder that you exist and will draw attention to you, even after the initial meeting has ended.

Fortunately, Creating a business card design can be done quickly and efficiently with a business card generator. It allows you to customize the look and feel of your cards while still being professional. You can choose different templates, fonts, colors, designs, and logos to match whatever style you want. This ensures that your business cards will stand out in the right way. The online interface then facilitates the order process so that you can get exactly what you need with little hassle. With all of these features, a business card generator is the perfect way to create your business card design that reflects who you are as an individual or company.

Now that you have your business card, let’s explore some cities.

Saint Paul, MN

Minnesota’s state capital, Saint Paul, is one of two “twin cities” on the border of Wisconsin. Boasting an excellent quality of life, a nation-high working experience ranking, and cheap food/fuel, it’s no wonder that so many remote earners have been pitching their tents lately. If you enjoy high culture, you’ll find no shortage of museums, historical landmarks, and galleries to gawp at. Alternatively, if you prefer the outdoors, you can enjoy 6.7 miles of paved trails at Hidden Falls Regional Park or take a short drive to Phalen beach for a spot of paddle boarding.

Durango, CO

Outdoor lovers and action seekers could do a lot worse than the mountain town of Durango. With sweeping mountain vistas, clean air, and cerulean blue rivers flowing through, travelers to this charming, snow-dusted city are sure to be left breathless before they’ve even started their morning hike. The downtown area is equipped for remote workers with a variety of co-working spaces and drinking establishments (think cold beer from craft breweries). If you prefer to unwind in the outdoors, you’ll find over 300 miles of hiking, fishing, skiing, and climbing territory, all within walking distance of the city.

New Orleans, LA

If it’s fun, festivity, and free jazz you seek, seek no further than Louisiana’s most raucous municipality, New Orleans. The city’s party strip, Bourbon Street, bars galore, or if you want to sit back and savor some live music, head to the French Quarter, where the croons of the saxophone drift overhead on a southern breeze. If you’re looking for a meal to remember (or help you forget the night before), take your pick from a carnival of jambalaya, gumbo, or po-boy sandwich joints, all within walking distance of your remote working café. You can save money and still enjoy the city’s attractions if you stay a little further from the French Quarter, towards the trendy, affordable warehouse district.

Pittsburgh, PA

With a population of 300,000 and a cost of living of $1,065.10 per month, Pittsburgh is consistently featured amongst the most affordable, quaint, and rewarding stop-offs for digital nomads. Despite its status as a city, you can expect a warm, welcoming community, plenty of “mom and pop” businesses, markets, and local watering holes for you to meet like-minded travelers. Although the ‘steel city’ is famous for its industrial roots, the local economy has in recent times transitioned towards a more diverse model with strengths in AI, climate tech, cybersecurity, and robotics – for those working in the tech sector, this might prove a great stop for networking.

Added Business Tips

When we’re on the road, it can be difficult to keep up with filing and administration. To help with your organizational process, it can help to introduce uniformity to your shared files – online tools will allow you to convert Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files into PDFs quickly and free of charge. This will make it easier for the client to receive and understand the assets you’ve sent and help you to keep track of your various documents.

Many digital nomads fit learning around work when they’re on the road. This might sound unfeasible, but looking at the options, it becomes clear that online degrees have grown to be flexible around full-time work or other obligations. A bachelor’s in business from a reputable university, for example, can be completed entirely online and in just five weeks.

Life on the move is always exciting and never predictable, but with some prior research, as well as a business card that lets everyone know you mean business, you’ll have a rough idea of what awaits you (at least until the next adventure).