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Gunman Killed 12 in Virginia Beach

David Brown



At least, 12 people have been confirmed dead when a gunman opened fire at Virginia Beach office.

The gunman, a city worker, engaged in a “long gun battle” with the police. He eventually killed 12 people before the police shot him dead.

11 of the victims died at the beach office while the 12th person died on the way to the hospital, according to James Cervera, Virginia Beach Police Chief.

Four other victims suffered varying degrees of injuries and were later taken to local hospitals where they underwent surgeries to treat their injuries.

Cervera said that some victims may have transported themselves out of the scene. A 40-year-old man, DeWayne Craddock is the primary suspect in the fatal shooting.

Craddock committed this crime after his appointment with the city was recently terminated. As an employee of public utilities, the suspect could access the Municipal Center freely.

He took advantage of this privilege to commit the crime. According to Cervera, the suspect walked into the Municipal Center around 4 p.m. and shot indiscriminately at people, leading to the death of 12 people.

He reportedly killed one person before he entered the building. Wielding two firearms, a handgun, and a long gun, he engaged in a gun battle with four officers before he was taken out.

The responding officers protected as many people as they could while the shooting lasted.

During the battle, a Virginia Beach police officer was injured. His bulletproof vest saved him. The 12 other victims and others who sustained injuries were not that lucky.

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