An engagement is expensive. If you are interested in this topic, then you probably already know about it, not by hearsay. Finding and choosing engagement rings is a very time-consuming process. As a jeweler, I am ready to help you in this matter. Let’s take a look at how much wedding or engagement rings cost depending on where you get them.

Where can you buy wedding/engagement rings?

Give without excess water. Let’s go over this issue, as they say, thesis.

Jewerely store

Branded jewelry boutique


Order from a jeweler

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Of course, there are many more options that you can think of. But, if we are talking about more traditional options, then these 4 will be the first on the list.

As you can see, you have a choice. First of all, the difference will be in the price. To calculate how much wedding/engagement rings cost, you need to decide on their size, design, and weight. After all, it is the weight of the jewelry that primarily determines its value.

Let’s say you are interested in classic wedding/engagement rings in the most popular sizes:

female 17 size. Such a ring will weigh approximately 3 grams;

mens 19 size. This ring will weigh approximately 4 grams.

Knowing the weight, it will be easier for you and me to understand how much wedding/engagement rings will cost in a particular place of purchase.

How much do wedding/engagement rings cost in a jewelry store

At the beginning of 2021 – from 3500 $ to 5000$

A jewelry store is the first place you go, because they are in every city. The jewelry store usually has a large selection of wedding/engagement ring sizes, so you can buy wedding/engagement rings quickly and conveniently.

The only thing that can overshadow the purchase is overpriced. A jewelry store has the right to set absolutely any price on its product.

I recommend

Arm yourself with a calculator and do not forget to use it when choosing jewelry;

Do not rush to buy, but go around as many jewelry pieces as possible in order to compare prices;

Do not forget to look at the sample, it can be different. Look for 585 fineness gold.

Prices for gold wedding/engagement rings can vary greatly from store to store

Women’s wedding/engagement ring, weighing 3 grams in a jewelry store will cost ~ 6000 $.

Men’s wedding/engagement ring, weighing 4 grams in a jewelry store will cost ~ 5000$.

We’re talking about those times when you are looking to buy classic, sleek wedding/engagement bands. But, if you are looking for something more interesting, it will cost more.

Firstly, due to the fact that the weight of the original rings is more than the classic ones.

Secondly, the cost of work and the mark-up for original rings are always higher.

You can also find fancy wedding/engagement rings in a jewelry store. But I advise you to go in search of them in a branded jewelry boutique.

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The price of wedding/engagement rings in a branded jewelry boutique

In this case, the value of gold is irrelevant. When buying branded items, you pay first and foremost for the name. The price of one wedding/engagement ring can vary within hundreds of thousands of dollars.