Intelligent Diva is not just your ordinary music artist and CEO of two independent record labels Diva Underground Records and Intelligent Diva Music. She also has a career profession in technology, where she is a software quality lead, who has worn different hats in the field of technology of stretch assignments.

The artist has done her research and has decided to join the metaverse world. She is launching her own music reality platform by building an audience who is interested in the virtual world. The artist has invested into her own virtual stage where she has worked with designermate to create Diva’s Underground.

She plans to expand the opportunity for independent artist across the world to receive the opportunity to perform on stage, around the world. The artist states as an independent artist we don’t have the funding as a major label.  There are no shortcuts, so you must think strategically. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be a small business and utilize corporate strategies. The goal is to be able to do more with less and still be able to delivery a quality product.

Under the Diva Underground Records which is a digital streaming label, the artist states that her brand Intelligent Diva focuses on everything digital. She is working on products such as fitness apps, which will incorporate her own music which people will be able to work out.  Several songs released under  Diva Underground Records will have 3-d animated videos. Her single User will have a 3-d animated video which is produced by Intelligent Diva.

The single has an NFT cover where the artist Intelligent Diva and the character  User is being designed as a supervillain who has worked can being anyone. In the 3-d animated video, he‘s being designed as a person who has 2 heads representing a person who’s two faced.  She is spreading awareness about people being used by emotional manipulation.

Studies actually state the human brain can possibly process could visuals 60,000x faster than texts. Consequently, this leads to the high retention rate of videos and images we see each day. As a result, businesses that have used visuals in their promotion achieve higher retention of their audience. Therefore, creating an increase in their popularity and sales. This is the goal Intelligent Diva is going for.

The artist will be releasing her new single User on May 30th. The 3d animation video for the User will be released in the middle of June.

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