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iRobot Brings-In Smart Home Robots

David Brown



iRobot has been working towards the development of robots that can be used to clean up our houses for 25 years now.

Just the thought of little robots cleaning up houses is exciting, but now a video has been released wherein one can observe two robots conversing with one another and splitting up the task of cleaning the house.

This is called the “tag team” and in this video, one can see the Roomba S9 and the Braava Jet M6. The Roomba S9 is the vacuum whilst the Braava Jet M6 is the mop.

So, once Roomba finishes its job, it informs Braava after which Braava starts its job. This uses the technology of Qualcomm processors, smartphone-level processors, Imprint Link.

The work of Roomba and Braava can be tracked using the iRobot app. The customer is allowed to prioritize the work that must be done by the two bots using this same app as well!

Now onto the updates that Roomba and Braava bring in:

In order to facilitate the collection of a larger size of debris, the Roomba is equipped with a rubber brush.

In addition, it consists of 3D Sensors and a system that clears the dust in the dustbin once the whole cleaning up process is completed.

Roomba comes in two variants, i.e. the S9 and S9+ each priced at $999 and $1,299.

Even after being in the market for this long, iRobot never fails to impress by upgrading their products each time!

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