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A declaration of admiration flowed from Kelly Clarkson on ‘The Tonight Show’ recently, hinting at a potential musical duo in the making.

Musical magic might be in the air as Kelly Clarkson, the voice behind the iconic “Since U Been Gone,” is nurturing the dream of collaborating with Mariah Carey, the legendary “Hero” singer.

In an animated chat with Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show,’ Clarkson bared her long-held admiration for Carey and the missed opportunity of creating musical alchemy together.

The beginnings of this starstruck admiration trace back to Clarkson’s rendition of Carey’s “Vision of Love,” marking her initial foray into the world of public performances.

“A confluence of audacity and naivety, and an unwavering love for the song,” Clarkson described her younger self to Fallon.

Clarkson’s affection for Carey isn’t a secret. However, a playful recount of their interaction paints a vivid picture of admiration laced with a humorous touch of self-aware awkwardness.

“She must have a ‘stay clear’ alert for me by now,” Clarkson jested, reminiscing their encounters and a specific moment during Carey’s stint as an adviser on The Voice in 2018.

An exchange of compliments and Carey’s unexpected offer to co-write a song turned into an accidental rejection by Clarkson, a misstep she recalled with a blend of humor and regret.

Kelly Clarkson is Eager
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“I’m a solitary soul in the realm of songwriting,” Clarkson confessed to Fallon, explaining her preference for solitary creativity over collaborative sessions.

Yet, the prospect of weaving musical notes with Carey is a melody that Clarkson now harbors close to her heart. “I’m all ears and heart, Mariah Carey,” the songstress affirmed, eyes gleaming with anticipation.

Previously on Las Culturistas, Clarkson dived deeper into her songwriting journey, underscoring the rarity of collaborative writing in her creative process due to her preference for a private creative space.

Carey, with her pantheon of chart-toppers, incites both awe and affection in Clarkson, who is an unyielding advocate of Carey’s lyrical prowess, often overshadowed by her vocal majesty.

“In the echoing halls of legendary vocals, let’s not forget the silent, yet resonant echo of her lyrical artistry,” Clarkson professed, an ode to an icon, a gesture of admiration, and perhaps, an invitation to a musical rendezvous that promises the harmonious blend of two stellar voices.