Kim Kardashian, the renowned entrepreneur and reality TV star, recently shared valuable insights during an episode of ‘The Kardashians.’ She not only revealed her budding romance with a new love interest, affectionately nicknamed “Drop Dead Fred” by herself and Scott Disick but also discussed the lessons she learned from her previous relationship with Pete Davidson.

In her candid discussion, Kim Kardashian, who is 42 years old and the founder of SKIMS, emphasized the importance of learning from every situation. Reflecting on her nine-month romance with Pete Davidson, a popular comedian, and Saturday Night Live alum, she admitted that the media’s portrayal of their relationship as incredibly serious from the start had influenced her perspective. Consequently, she expressed a desire to keep her new love interest low-key and enjoy a bit of secrecy, asserting that there is nothing wrong with such intentions.

Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Pete Davidson commenced in the fall of 2021, shortly after her memorable hosting debut on Saturday Night Live. This romance followed her divorce from Kanye West after six years of marriage. However, their relationship faced significant challenges, as Kanye launched several attacks against the couple through social media and press, even featuring Pete in a controversial music video. Ultimately, the couple ended their relationship in August 2022, with Pete seeking trauma therapy to cope with the aftermath of Kanye’s threats.

Since their breakup, Pete has approached the situation with humor, incorporating jokes about the tumultuous year into his stand-up routines. Kim, too, acknowledged the impact of their split on Pete, expressing guilt over the difficulties he experienced due to her previous relationship with Kanye.

While reflecting on her past, Kim Kardashian also embraced the future by disclosing her involvement with a new romantic partner. During a conversation with Scott Disick, she revealed that her friends had set her up with someone whom she and Scott playfully referred to as “Drop Dead Fred.” Excitement radiated from Kim as she exchanged text messages with “Fred,” as captured by the show’s producers.

Kim’s journey toward finding love has been marked by a list of qualities she seeks in a potential partner. From good hygiene to being supportive, and successful, and possessing good teeth, her requirements are extensive. She also emphasized the importance of her new love interest being adored by her friends and family, with a touch of self-deprecating humor as she mentioned her desire for someone with “no heavy baggage” since she already has enough of her own.

The episode of The Kardashians not only provided a glimpse into Kim Kardashian’s personal life but also showcased her positive outlook on love and her determination to explore new connections. Fans can catch new episodes of The Kardashians every Thursday at 12 a.m. ET/9 p.m. PT on Hulu.