“Rapping is a side interest for me, and all I need is for the world to hear and like my music. I stick to keeping it valid and not all that much.”

Kutt9ivygas has experienced childhood in a little town called Cape Coral, where there isn’t much aside from colossal homes and trees. He is an odd one who doesn’t fit in and wears fundamentally jean coats or no shirts by any stretch of the imagination.

His beloved tone is dark. He enjoys weighty stones like Kurt Cobain, and he pays attention to Michael Jackson and Prince for motivation. He has a dark heart tattoo on my neck to address his identity. He is a dark heart child, and there’s just such a lot of torment you can take before you go numb. I’m a demigod, and I like to make music.

It’s something he could constantly do, and it never goes downhill. He has always been passionate about being a part of the music industry to introduce himself as an emerging and growing artist, and he did it in a very short time.


I’m a stone legend. I don’t rap about ordinary points that you wouldn’t anticipate hearing. I’m 21, and I’m simply beginning with music. I have the ability; however, I don’t have the stage. I’m not a windbag, and I’m introverted, but rather it’s easy to converse with me. I’m not one of those individuals who would prefer to remain to themselves, however, I have an excessive number of siblings and sisters to list. I barely know some of them, yet I’ve met them. I’m a discouraged youngster. On account of mechanical progressions, the number of individuals who pay attention to music has expanded drastically.

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