M3lleo started in the car garage making music and playing around with his voice and noticed that this could be something he can do. Music was always his vibe, and he always had a passion for creating his own way of expressing himself to others by influencing many people about God, Teachings of Life Principles, Motivation, and Inspiriting the kids.

M3lleo Known as “De’Shone Brown” Started

The starting point in his life changed when football didn’t work out in his football career. Yet, he’s still a free agent to play but knows that his football career wasn’t going to take off because of the way things turned out. Since his daughter was born, “Naomi La’Shone Brown” he changed his passion and turned into an entrepreneur. Real life hit him hard, and it was either football or going into another route.

M3lleo begin to focus on music here & there at the time. “I really getting into music when my car broke down. I parked my car in my house garage, then I became bored at home because things were looking so good. I was broke, and didn’t have money to get my car fixed so was to go in my car to freestyle just because. I never knew I would take it seriously until I found what interest me and being myself and putting everything on paper.”

“I am just a person who wants to do something different. I’m not trying to be a top musician, my music is more like freestyling storytelling about my pain, emotions that I went through as a kid, and the things that I’ve seen and did before my eyes. I am still trying to master my experience with music but I know it will take some time to express myself a Lil bit more.”

Being that M3lleo makes music at home he’s working hard to get himself his own studio very soon and working to put out more video and visuals for the people who listen to his music. I believe once people start seeing the video visions and the characteristics of M3lleo, they’ll take him seriously but for now, he’s trying his trying brand himself and putting himself on.


M3lleo “Albums & Singles” can be listened on all platforms on (APPLE MUSIC, SPOTIFY, YOUTUBE, SNAPCHAT, PANDORA, YOUTUBE MUSIC, iHEART, DEEZER, APPLE iTUNES). Etc

2021 ALBUMS [Shawty Pt. 2, Spiritual Warfare, Astro Body, The Voice Pt. 2, Space Vibe M3lleo, Shawty Pt. 3, M3lleo Love Songs and The Voice Pt. 3.

M3lleo Social Media

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/drbrownceo
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/drbrownceo
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/deshonerammellbrown
YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://youtube.com/c/DeShoneRBrown
SNAPCHAT: r-mellotndo