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Marko Stout: The Artist Extraordinaire 

David Brown



During his solo exhibition at Gallery MC this spring, Marko Stout threw New York City into a frenzy and established himself as one of the greatest artists of the modern era.

Marko Stout

In attendance at the show were thousands of passionate fans of the renowned artist, high-profile collectors, art dealers, and scores of celebrities both in the entertainment and music industries.

The successful exhibition witnessed the selling of the great artist’s work to the collectors, his fans, and others. It also draws art lovers from all walks of life and different age groups to the exhibition, affording them the opportunity to see the master artist displaying what he knows how to do best.

The show was so successful that Marko stout was compared to other New York City’s art legends such as Jean-Michael Basquiat, Jeff Koons, and Andy Warhol. His versatility drew a comparison between him and the legendary Andy Warhol.

While commenting on his performance and the huge crowd the exhibition pulled, Taylor Cohen, a legendary art lover said: “I’ve not seen this kind of excitement for an opening since Jeff Koon’s retrospective at the Winey Museum or the Basquiat exhibition”

Marko Stout’s versatility is one of his selling points. He touches a wide range of works covering film, photography, new media, video, painting, sculpture, and prints. He has a knack for experiencing multiple cultures through his arts, drawing admiration and commendation from critics and fans alike.

The celebrated and revered artist has an impressive list of celebrity fans. In attendance at the VIP party for the opening night are Drake, the Canadian rapper, Jessica Parka from “Sex in the City,” and other celebrities.

Some big names such as RuPaul, the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, and MTV’s Snooki are some of the high-profile collectors of Marko Stout’s arts. This is understandable considering the artist’s knack for creating erotic themes with the right colours and subjects that will put emotion into the artwork. It is not surprising, then, that his works are sought after by celebrities and art dealers.

Savvy investors are also seeing the need for them to invest in arts to complement their investment in assets. Most of them are passionate about investing in renown artists such as Marko Stout whose profile continues to rise.


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