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Mouse support to be incorporated on the iPad OS

Emily Jones



In the recent past, Apple in the Worldwide Developers Conference has announced that mouse support would be incorporated in the new iPadOS.

Rene Ritchie, the editor in chief at iMore tweeted informing people of the same “Mouse support in iPad is real inaccessibility.

Further includes a full keyboard control for the complete UI(opposite of Voice Control.)  It is, however, a bit unclear at the moment which mice would be adaptable to the iPad.

There is certain conjecture that USB mice or Apple’s Magic Trackpad could be utilized. The use of Bluetooth mouse still remains a mystery.

There are several other new features that would roll in with this new operating system as well. For starters, the home screen would be completely revamped. The app icons present on the home screen are tighter.

This makes it look more aesthetically pleasing as the amount of redundant space would lessen. To further optimize this redundant space would be the incorporation of “Today View”.

This means certain widgets could be added to help the user. The choice of widgets is completely customizable. Some widgets include weather, calendar reminders and many more.

The use of SplitView would also be included which means 2 different apps can now be accessed at the same time! Another feature is Slide Over which allows one to pull up an app to the side window.

The release date of the same is stated to be in “fall 2019”. The expected month of the same is September as it is the month wherein new updates come in usually.

Online journalism and the expanse of the digital platform are what encouraged Emily to take a plunge into online journalism. She is quite new to online print media but she is a very good learner. She has great command over the English language which gives an edge to write compelling news articles.

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