MSI Optix G271 The Monitor For Professional Gamers


Just as MSI has a huge catalog of desktop and laptop computers that take their specifications to the maximum for a smooth gaming experience, optimizations are also made regarding the monitors on which these contents will be reproduced. One of the strongest proposals today is known under the name of MSI Optix G271.

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MSI Optix G271 is a high-end gaming monitor that has everything necessary for a user to enjoy long hours in front of the screen without missing any detail. With a native Full HD resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time, you get the competitive edge you need to defeat any opponent.

MSI Optix G271 Features

Dimensions 612.5 x 454.3 x 219.6 mm
Weight 4.1 kilograms
VESA support Yes, 100 x 100 mm
Colors Black
Materials Plastic
Screen 27 inches
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Aspect Ratio 16: 9
Contrast 1000: 1
Refresh rate 144 Hz
Brightness 250 cd / m2
Viewing angles 178º horizontal, 178º vertical
Response times 1 ms
Technology MSI Anti-Flicker, Night Vision, AMD FreeSync
Connectivity 2 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x DP 1.2, 1 x 3.5mm headphone output
USB ports Not
Official site M: YES
Speakers Not
Contents of the box Monitor, Power cord, HDMI cable, User warranty

A design with the comfort of use

Maintaining the same general design line that has already been seen in other manufacturer proposals, it can be noted that this model has been built to improve gaming sessions by making them as comfortable as possible. Instead of having to adjust to your position, it is the screen that provides facilities such as tilt (-5 ° ~ 20 °) to find an optimal view.

MSI Optix G271 uses good quality materials
MSI Optix G271 uses good quality materials

Also, its frontal aesthetics allow to appreciate extremely thin bezels along with three of its sides, thus offering the best possible game immersion with ease for multi-monitor configurations that complete the entire field of view in 180º, as well as be able to work with several different image inputs or carry out more demanding computing activities.

As if that were not enough, the excellent work done on the wide viewing angles of the MSI Optix G271 must be emphasized, which reach up to 178º horizontally and vertically. This indicates superior flexibility to place the monitor in any position without compromising an optimal visual experience or failing that, not being forced to focus exactly on the center of the panel to maintain a correct presentation of the colors and sharp details of the image.

The official dimensions of the model remain at 612.5 x 454.3 x 219.6 mm and its weight at 4.1 kilograms. It should also be made clear that its packaging does not have a built-in speaker and that its available connections range from two HDMI 1.4 inputs to a DisplayPort 1.2 option and a classic 3.5 mm headphone output.

No details left to chance

Beyond its benefits designed strictly for gaming, this screen can also be enough for users who need to perform other demanding tasks such as editing or multimedia creation work. For example, unlike conventional monitors, a superior color gamut coverage is achieved (92% in DCI-P3 and 120% in sRGB) to display them more realistic and refined at all times.

MSI Optix G271 seeks to attract an audience close to e-sports
MSI Optix G271 seeks to attract an audience close to e-sports

To avoid vision problems with prolonged use, proprietary MSI Anti-Flicker technology has been added, that is, a correction of the flicker rate that on traditional screens can be up to 200 times per second, which is inadvertent by the human eye but can cause fatigue over time.

As if that were not enough, MSI’s line of gaming monitors is optimized to reduce the sensations of eye strain by reducing the total amount of blue light emitted, so users with higher sensitivity will not have to reduce other technical parameters to avoid discomfort. in your vision.

Advantages for video games

Focusing on the specifications oriented to carry out an ideal gaming session, it should be noted that the MSI Optix G271 arrives with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and native response times of 1 ms, something that is noticeably appreciated in the performance of games of fast action like the first-person shooter (FPS), fighting, racing, real-time strategy, and sports. These games require precise movements, so if the specifications of the computer allow taking the rate of images per second beyond the average, why not take advantage of it.

MSI Optix G271 supports various video inputs via 2 x HDMI and 1 x DP
MSI Optix G271 supports various video inputs via 2 x HDMI and 1 x DP

As mentioned above, the IPS-type panel is 27 inches in size with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, so it is not surprising that some users would prefer a QHD resolution to consider this model as perfect. For example, an alternative like MSI Optix MAG24C is very similar in features but with three inches less and a curved design.

In addition, the reduction of adverse effects on the image such as lags or cuts in the fps rate is available for all those users who have graphics cards manufactured by AMD in their desktop PCs. And it is that native support has been added for AMD FreeSync technology that maintains a synchronization in real-time between the GPU and the monitor.

To conclude, a “Night Vision” mode is introduced that makes it easy to adapt to completely dark environments with an intelligent adjustment of the image parameters that illuminates the fine details in a game and everything that is hidden in shady areas.

  • Design adaptable to the user’s viewing comfort
  • Display with support for 144Hz refresh rate
  • Compatible with AMD FreeSync technology
  • Protection of the user’s visual health
  • No built-in speakers


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