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New York Teacher Conducts Imaginary Slave Auctions

Emily Jones



Years after Racial Discrimination has come to end, it is surprising to know children can still be tormented for their color and how.

The teacher of a private school in New York conducted a mock slave audition. To top it all off, the teacher of Westchester County made the black students the captives by setting imaginary strings on the wrists, ankles, and necks of the children.

Further, the white students of the class were made to bid on their peers and buddies who were made captives.

This school, the Chapel School, is situated in Bronxville of New York and admits children straight from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade.

This means that the students are either children or teenagers. This is something that could heavily traumatize the minds of young children.

With all the peer pressure that is already imminent in one’s school life, the teacher is known to help one out and remind them of how precious and unique they are in their own way instead of making them feel degraded for their race.

The findings of this indecency were discovered by the New York State Attorney General’s Office and the school was warned.

The school agreed to hire a Chief Diversity Officer who would look over such matters and ensure that they do not occur, to begin with.

This Chief Diversity Officer would be hired by gaining the approval of the New York State Attorney Letitia James. This ensures that a child goes to a school that they feel safe in.



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