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North Korea Breaks Conditions Framed By UN

Emily Jones



John Bolton, the national security adviser to US’s President Trump, insisted that;

North Korea’s experiment of some ballistic missiles a couple of weeks ago, violated resolutions made with the country by the United Nations Security Councils.

The comment was an answer to two distinct missile tests carried out by currently by North Korea. Bolton describes the action as an outlaw of Resolution 1695 of the UN Security Council.

He was aware of the violation of this particular resolution because he claimed to write the resolution himself.

The security adviser maintained that the president won’t stop mounting pressure on North Korea to abide by the resolutions.

President Trump is expected in Tokyo today. He is currently facing certain tribulations, among which is his inability to calm tensions in North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang.

Further, his presidency has not achieved the outcome of encouraging North Korea to set aside its missile and nuclear testing plans.

Sadly, rather than achieve any success with North Korea, the country keeps testing her missiles while the US keeps threatening the country of sanctions.

This has been going on for long as both countries have been asking the other to back down.

In the past, US’ senior officials have not openly confirmed any violation of the UN resolution by North Korea.

The US was interested in dialogues that will lead to putting a stop to missile testing by the country.

At the moment, North Korea is not ready to shift her ground as shown by recent events.


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