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Parental Control App Developers Want Apple Support

Tony Natoli



A developers’ team who specialize in building parental control app is currently soliciting the assistance of Apple to make it easier for the developers to continue using the company’s iPhone.

The group has created a website for that purpose and has already made a proposal for an API from Apple that will allow them to have unlimited access to track apps usage as well as limit such usage.

The developers made this move as a response to Apple’s clamping down on apps that are working on its product.

Such apps were accused of taking unnecessary advantage of one of iPhone’s features, the Mobile Device Management (MDM).

The new Apply policy stipulates that such features are exclusively reserved for companies and not individuals like these developers.

These developers argued that Apple took that step to eliminate competition in the area of parental control.

According to the information posted on their website,

“When Apple released its own screen time management tool, it also started removing established brands from the store or blocking updates to their apps.”

Tony Fadell, a former Apple executive has lent his voice to the ongoing disagreement between the group of developers and his former employer. He canvassed for an API that will allow developers to create more parental track apps.

The former executive called on Apple to create an enabling environment for the creation of apps for parental control.

He suggested that the tech giant should create a full-featured, multiplatform App for that purpose.

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