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Scott Disick Reacted to Sofia Richie’s Stunning Vacation Pictures

Olivia Wilson



Sofia Richie is currently living the life of her dreams in Turks and Caicos with Kylie Jenner, her billionaire friend. While going on this girls’ trip, the beautiful model left her husband, Scott Disick, at home.

While having fun on vacation, Sofia modeled some bathing suits that she posted on her social media pages. The stunning pictures have generated a lot of reactions from her fans and critics. They are awed by the striking beauty of the better half of the famous TV Personality.

Scott Disick Reacted to Sofia Richie Just Like This…

While granting an interview with HollywoodLife, a source revealed that Scott is comfortable with the pictures. He doesn’t seem to care about his girlfriend showing off her hot body on social media, especially Instagram. He considers it a part of her job as a reputable model.

According to the source, “Scott did have some FOMO when he saw Sofia’s sexy bikini pictures but he did not react the way he would have a few years ago.  The old Scott would have pulled some drama, like running off to Miami with his boys for a big party binge but now, no reaction. He just stayed home and hung out with his kids and worked.”

The source added that Scott’s reaction is opposite to how he would have reacted some years back. The source also attributed this to the maturity of their relationship over the years. It’s also proof of Scott’s acceptance of his partner’s new relationship with Kylie Jenner.

Sofia’s first contact with the Jenners and the Kardashians was on a trip to Mexico. She joined her husband and Kourtney, alongside their kids on that trip. Ever since then, the young model has found a way to integrate herself into the clan.

She is currently hanging out frequently with the young Kylie as both are in the same age group. Their friendship is rubbing off on Sofia’s personality as well, a boost to her modeling career.

Another source interviewed by the news outlet informed the media outlet of Sofia’s happiness at being invited by Kylie to join the girls’ trip. The trip was to celebrate Sofia’s skincare line.

From all indications, Scott is comfortable with his partner’s choice of friends as evident in his reaction to her trip with the Kylie while he stays behind running the home.

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