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Sony Builds a Powerful IoT Chip with a Long Range Reach

Tony Natoli



Sony, the tech giant known for its awesome products has built a very powerful chip that will change the face of communication between e-cars, bikes, and other devices that are connected through the Internet of Things (IoT).

When this chip is installed on any device with IoT, the device can easily send data to one of Sony’s powerful inventions, the Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA) network the company intends to launch very soon.

The chip will make communication relay possible within the 60mile range. This will create an opportunity for developers to create more powerful applications that will be useful for security and tracking in the future.

With the integration of the chip into these devices, they can have a higher reach than the current IoT systems that are built on WiFi or cellular data connection.

While the former has a very limited range, the latter is very expensive, making both options less than ideal for powering IoT devices.

The chip also consumes low power, a big plus for the technology since the world is leaning towards power efficiency.

Its low power consumption and wide range give the chip an edge over all its rivalry.


The company says the chip offers a wide range of uses. Further continues to say that the device can “help friends find each other at a ski hill, track wildlife, follow yacht races, monitor bike rentals while monitoring numerous things like drones, rental cars, and trains.”

It is expected that the technology will make connection and communication between devices better and faster.

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