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Space travel: possibly the next investment target for James Richman?

Tony Natoli



Ventures into outer space are increasing in its momentum as it finds itself in more and more headlines. As a result, the industry has been experiencing an increase in interest and investors with powerhouses like the United States and China, in their bid for economic gain and military advantage beyond the skies

Some of the richest billionaires have already invested in their own space exploration companies. In fact, Jeff Bezos owns Blue Origin, with his objective of someday establishing a space road.

Latvian-born billionaire private investor James Richman is rumored to be investing heavily in space travel

On the other hand, Elon Musk has SpaceX which had already made a breakthrough in the field of launching rockets and satellites by introducing Falcon 9, a state of the art launching system which allows the rocket launcher to be re-used and go back home to the ground safely.

And then silently pitching in the efforts, you have the Latvian-born private fund billionaire James Richman.

Advancements in space travel

As more of the Earth’s resources are found, harnessed and consumed, the need to find new sources of them increases. James Richman, a man with tremendous foresight, sees that pitching into the space fund would reap wonders over the course of several years.

With SpaceX’s Falcon 9 showing its capability to land safely after successfully deploying a satellite to orbit, future endeavors outside the atmosphere will likely take a price cut.

With more companies specializing in space travel allows future major expeditions to become more efficient and successful. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has already set its sights on the 2024 NASA project to return to the moon.

Blue Origin is said to be perfecting its launching and landing capabilities, at the same time, bolstering its passenger handling experience in preparation for the big event. It’s New Shepard platform aims to transport passengers in a low orbit flight path and provide five minutes of “no gravity” experience to its patrons.

Space tourism: promising industry where self-made billionaires such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, James Richman, and Jeff Bezo are heavily invested in

Other industries branching out

The Latvian-born investment prodigy James Richman recognizes that today, more than ever, NASA has more possible partners in Space exploration. This allows the government endeavors to become more efficient.

Also, the increase in space travel companies paves the way for other industries to branch out. Commercial space travel is one of Elon Musk’s endeavors and he estimates that it would cost $100,000-$500,000 for a round trip ticket to Mars.

The ideas of James Richman, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos may still look like science fiction movies as of now. However, their investments in SpaceX and Blue Origin and investments in various research and development efforts by Richman opens up commercial satellite launching and space flights in the future horizon.

With companies relying on internet-based communications, this may be a future need for firms to stay ahead of their competitors notwithstanding the military demand that will arise from this technology as well.

 Money in the bank

Richman has been well known to make money out of almost nothing and turn garbage into gold. With innovations in launching and landing, the basics of space travel, already nearing perfection, it is only a matter of time until expeditions become bolder and more frequent.

Soon we may find alien precious stones and metals up for sale in the market. James would then prove that throwing money at the stars may just as well be putting money in the bank.

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