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“Stop Building Border Wall”, Judge rules over Trump.

Tony Natoli



In what seems to be a setback in his ambition to build some parts of the US-Mexico border wall, a part of his election campaign promises, President Trump was ordered by a judge to stop the building at the moment.

According to the judge, President Trump can’t use the money raised for emergencies for the building project since it is not an emergency.

Pausing the president’s propensity to spread the fence by some 51 miles, Judge Haywood Gilliam Jr. gave the order on Friday. He further wishes to make the addition to two major areas of the fence.

These are one fence in New Mexico that will cover 74 kilometers or 46 miles. The other part will be in Yuma, Arizona, covering some 8 kilometers or 5 miles.

The judge declared his judgment over two separate lawsuits against the diversion.

One was brought by the Sierra Club and some neighboring communities while the second lawsuit was brought by some 20 states, led by California.

Earlier this year, the Congress gave its approval for some $1.38b to construct a section of the wall in Texas.

The approved fun was below the president’s request. He later proclaimed a national emergency, a move that was reckoned to supply him access to billions of dollars from both the military construction projects and the board of defense.

Apart from the states that kicked against the diversion, the House of Representatives is equally taking necessary legal actions to stop the diversion for the building project as well.

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