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Summerton Offers Building Inspections Service in Adelaide SA for Property Buyers and Developers

Tony Natoli



Summerton, a Building Inspection Service in Adelaide, SA, offers to assist property investors to purchase a property or develop one in the city. The company promises to help out with a comprehensive inspection of the property before making payment.

The company is rolling out this service to enable investors make an informed decision and prevent the possibility of losing their hard-earned money to some unwise investment decisions.

As licensed professionals, Summerton Building Inspections offer the following services:

  • Pre-purchase building inspections

Summerton Building Inspections is on the ground to assist you to make the best property investment decision. The company plans to make it easier for people to make good purchases by conducting pre-purchase building inspections on their behalf.

According to the company, the building inspections will reveal the real condition of the property. This includes where repair is needed, and other pieces of information that will influence your purchasing decision.

  • Pre-handover building inspections

Summerton Building Inspections also claims to handle pre-handover inspections. The company explains that it works hand-in-hand with investors’ developers to ensure that they work according to specifications and plans.

The company also ensures the developers don’t deviate from the existing Australian Standards and relevant Codes. Thus, if it discovers discrepancies during building inspections, you will get a comprehensive report of their findings.

This will enable you to request the immediate correction of the flaws and prevent you from needless maintenance in the future.

  • Building inspection report

Summerton Inspection Services guarantee customers detailed and meticulous inspection report. It will be comprehensive enough to provide them with the right pieces of information they will find useful when building, buying, or selling a property.

The accurate report will include the following:

  • Minor/major building defects.
  • Potential safety hazards.
  • Non-compliance to plans or existing building rules.

The company assures investors its desire to help them make their journey easier and protect them from potential investment or building mistakes.

Property investors in Adelaide SA can heave a sigh of relief when purchasing or selling a property. Summerton Building Inspections is here to help them make flawless invest decisions.

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