UMG Is a Family and New times have brought new challenges everywhere, especially within the music industry. With the new technology, anyone with access to the internet can make music, share it and promote it with the whole world. Because of this, it is difficult for new musicians to find the right music company to stand behind them and support them through the way. So how do we know what is best? Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, smarter, and stronger, with a big desire to get things right. We want to help people with the experience gained and guide them to do the right thing.

A new music record label, founded early in 2021, from High Point, North Carolina, UMG (Uva Musix Group) is taking action with their uniqueness, offering a pleasant music experience for their clients, owned by three young men, Jordan Dillard, Derek Marshall, and Olaf Moreno, with their hearts in Hip-Hop/ Rap/ Melodic genres.

What makes them the UMG team different from others? They will provide full support, stand strong behind their clients, let them focus on their originality, making great music and they will do the rest for them so the artist is worry-free. “Putting the artist first and trying to help the artists grow and gain exposure and wealth,” they said.

UMG is all about passion and respect, which nowadays is very difficult to find anywhere. They will help their artist with their creativity, bringing out the best of them, building morals, and feeding their fans with it. For one music artist, the most important thing is for his music to be heard everywhere and to achieve positive results, and for that to happen, it needs the support of a good and honest record label like UMG.

The Three Young Generals Have Successfully managed to Add “LOR Chae” (A local North Carolina artist who has been getting into the studio any chance possible) As well as “Fazo OnGo” (Another local North Carolina artist who has been focusing on music currently with 1 major distributed single “Pain” ) To their Rosters.

Once Bobby Unser said “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”, and UMG is a big golden opportunity, especially for a local artist who seeks to leap into action with success in the music industry. For starters, people can follow them on their Twitter and Instagram accounts which will follow in addition, and in the future hopefully on more platforms.