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Wendy Williams Missed Andy Cohen: Happy They Are Back

Olivia Wilson



If recent events are to go by, it seems Wendy Williams and Andy Cohen have restored their friendship after several years of staying away from each other. Wendy expressed excitement over having Andy on her talk show recently. It was his first appearance on that show in the last six years.

Before the show, they had a strained relationship caused by Wendy’s marriage to Kevin Hunter. While the marriage lasted, Wendy’s husband wasn’t comfortable with his wife’s friend. This was possibly responsible for the poor relationship between Andy and Wendy.

However, they can now heave a sigh of relief since Wendy had called off her marriage to Kevin. They seem to have put their past behind them as they try to rebuild their relationship. While handing Wendy a bunch of flowers on her 55th birthday, the elated Andy said: “Your husband was not my biggest fan but I want to let you know I have been cheering you on the last six years.”

Wendy Williams Missed Andy Cohen

According to an insider, Wendy was happy to have her friend drop by. She gushes over the opportunity to have a second chance at building a strong relationship with Andy. The source said: “Wendy is so excited to have Andy back in her life. She missed him a lot, which is why she felt like it was very important to have him on her show. She wanted to let the public know they worked out any differences they may have had.”

After the divorce, Wendy moved to New York City. The relocation has rubbed off on her. Andy noticed this and remarked about Wendy’s enjoyment of her new place.

Another source also noticed the positive transformation she had gone through since the divorce. The source claimed that Wendy struggled while living with Kevin as she was losing both personal and professional relationships caused by her seemingly overbearing former husband.

Williams filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter in April when he admitted cheating on her. This came after being married for two decades and a kid to show for their marriage. She then proceeded to cut all ties with her ex who was also the former executive producer of her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.

Not done with that, Wendy dissolved the non-profit organization the couple has been running since it was founded in 2014, The Hunter Foundation. This may explain her happiness at having someone beside her during this troublesome phase of her life.


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