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Will Missouri Endure As The First State To Be With No Clinic?

David Brown



Missouri’s last operating abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood, has been contributing both its care and services to the women of Missouri since 1973 and is facing several issues with the renewal of its license.

For the renewal to take place, the Health Department had some demands that needed to be followed and some of which were rather tough to complete. They decided to sue the state for the same.

Their license was to expire on May 31st, Friday, but the court has decided to not let the license influence their operation until another hearing which would take place on 4th June, Tuesday.

The demands of the Health Department were as follows:

They wanted to interview the physicians who carry out the abortions, needed them to adjust who issued the counseling mandated by the state, had them include an additional pelvic exam before carrying out the abortion.

The first of the demands could not take place as only 2 of the 7 physicians working at the hospital were employed. They could, hence, have only the 2 employees be interviewed.

When this was informed to the Health Department, they strictly responded and said that if this procedure is not carried out, renewal of the license would not take place.

The hospital made the latter changes in their working. If the court decides to not renew the license, it would create history.

It would be the first state of the United States of America to not have a single abortion clinic in 45 years.

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