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World’s Longest Flight To Render A Lesser Satisfaction

Emily Jones



Qantas Airways is planning a marathon flight from Sydney to London.

The 20-hour marathon flight will take the travelers nearly midway around the globe. The Airway previously has had intentions to begin the long flight as pleasant as possible.

As, it had planned to roll out mattresses, pallets, a crèche, and a gym for passengers on the flight to make it as pleasant as possible.

Yet, the airway has jettisoned that plan and will eliminate some of the proposed luxuries.

Sooner, Alan Joyce, Qantas Chief Executive Officer, said that the airway will only endeavor a drink of water and an area to stretch.

The recent announcement by the CEO undermines some of the challenges the airline is facing in its plans towards the record flight.

More so, the planes proposed for the flight b Airbus SE and Boeing Co. for the long distance have the power to go through the flight but don’t have enough strength to carry the weight of the luxury Qantas initially planned to offer the passengers.

However, Joyce believes the company can still make the flight despite the numerous challenges on its path.

While addressing reporters in Seoul during an annual meeting of airline bosses, he said:

“There are a notable amount of complications to defeat but we think we can make this happen.

Still, there’s not full payload on individual aircraft, but there’s ample we consider to execute it

commercially viable if the other parts of the business case get there. ”

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