5 Jewelry Trends to Elevate Your Style in 2023

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Every year, we’re introduced to many new fashion trends, starting right from the latest trends in clothing to stylish jewelry.

However, jewelry is something that stays timeless, no matter what you wear with it. The global jewelry market is estimated to be around USD 307 billion by 2026, and there have already been some great changes in this industry this year.

So, if you wish to keep up with the newest launches, then keep reading this article!

1. Unusual pearls

We all know how beautiful a pearl necklace or pendant can look, especially when paired with breezy summer dresses.

But this year, it’s time to bid goodbye to conventional round-shaped white pearls. Instead, models and celebrities wear bolder and better-looking pearls, all in unique shapes and sizes.

One of the most common styles of this gem is to alternate between black and white ones. Or you can even wear simple rose-gold pearl studs.

However, drop-shaped pearl earrings are still very much in fashion, so if you’re not willing to experiment, you can always wear golden hoops with drop pearls hanging from the edge.

2. Flower chokers

Believe it or not, flower chokers are back in fashion! If you’re someone who loves affordable fine jewelry, then this is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Online stores like Etsy and Amazon have seen a sharp rise in the number of flower chokers being searched for and sold all over the world.

These 90s-inspired accessories had claimed a major spot on fashion runways but had gone out of style in the mid-2010s.

Not only do these chokers look minimalist and chic, but they are also much more affordable compared to other jewelry pieces. You can wear a cute low-cut white top and a pair of denim and accessorize with a lacy floral choker.

3. Gemstone rings

Even if you don’t believe in astrology and gemstones, there’s no denying that wearing your birthstone can make you feel much more confident!

People have started searching for their birthstones online quite a bit this year, and it is no surprise that these rings have gained popularity again.

From teens to elderly people, gemstone rings are now a hot favorite. This is probably because every person’s birthstone is different, so every ring will be unique too.

So you can find out your birthstone, which will depend on your birth month, and set it on a beautiful 14K or 18K gold ring.

4. Resin Jewelry

One major trend this year is the rise of resin jewelry. This is one of the unique types of handmade jewelry.

To make this, creators preserve real flowers, leaves, or other small objects in resin and then make rings and pendants out of them.

Resin jewelry is beautiful to look at and adds a personal touch to what you’re wearing.

For example, if you wish to preserve the flowers that you carried on your wedding day, then drying them and adding resin is the perfect way to pay tribute to that special occasion.

Many small businesses have started selling resin products, from jewelry to coasters and keychains.

This is unusual, but sometimes, women also add their child’s first tooth, hair, and other interesting things in the resin and wear it as a sweet memory of motherhood.

5. Silver pieces

Silver is undoubtedly one of the most precious metals in the market. Even though gold and platinum pieces are said to be more expensive, there’s something about silver that just cannot be ignored!

If you’re a loud and bold jewelry fan, you can wear a fancy silver neckpiece and shiny silver and diamond drop earrings.

They’ll look perfect for an evening cocktail dress or an LBD. But if you wish to keep things simple and aesthetic, silver has your back too.

Many sleek silver chains and ear studs are available in jewelry shops that are guaranteed to take your look up a notch. But, of course, if real silver is too costly, you can always choose silver-plated accessories.

Over to you…

So, dear reader, these are the top five stylish jewelry trends that are taking the fashion industry by storm. So what are you waiting for? Look up these items, find out what goes best with your tastes and personality, and bag all you need!

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