5 Things to Do if Your Router Is Over Heating

(Photo by: Freepik)

Summer is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to scan all your home gadgets like modems, Wi-Fi devices, and chargers. But why is it essential? The biggest enemy of electric devices is hot temperature. Internal circuits can get harmed by a high level of external heat for a long duration. It can destroy your devices.

The most important device for every household is the router. A router is responsible for sending data from your device to a server, by connecting you to the internet either wireless or through a wired connection.

But how do you tell if your router is catching too much heat? There are so many signs of an overheating router but the most effective one is to check the heat by your hand. This simple inspection will help you to detect the problem quickly.

Let’s find out some reasons why the router overheats sometimes.

  1. Overuse: A router might overheat if it is running and being used for a long period. This can happen if the router is shared by several devices and a lot of data is being transferred, which increases activity and thermal production.
  2. Old devices: Routers, like any electronic device, have a limited lifespan, and over time, the internal components can wear out or become damaged, leading to overheating. This is especially true for older models that may not be designed to handle the demands of modern networking.
  3. Power fluctuations:

 Routers might overheat as a result of power fluctuations. Overheating might result from the router receiving excessive or insufficient power as a result of voltage spikes or outages.

How to Fix a Router if It’s Overheating

As discussed earlier there can be multiple reasons why your router is heating. You don’t need to replace it with another router. Finding a solution to it is also crucial. Let’s find out some effective tips for this issue.

Monitor Home Temperature with a Smart Thermostat

You could maintain an insightful record of your house’s temperature by utilizing a smart thermostat. This thermostat will manage your house’s climate, and also give you relevant alerts and notifications through the mobile apps that come along. Yes, smart thermostats may have to be purchased, but it is a worthy investment. Your house temperature may be too hot itself, and the router is being affected by it. With a smart thermostat, that factor gets thrown out the window, and you can restore optimal temperatures!

Avoid Placing the Router near Heated Spots

Heated days of summer can be tough for not only your skin but for your gadgets as well. For example, if your router is placed near your room where it is directly exposed to sunlight, the router will catch heat. To avoid such a danger, it’s essential to place the router where there is less direct heat and better airflow.

Change Outdated Gadgets

People don’t even realize that they are using outdated devices. Saving your money and not investing in a suitable gadget can affect your internet usage in long term. In fact, a router is the most basic requirement for establishing a good internet connection in any home. Many ISPs like AT&T offer routers and other internet equipment at affordable monthly charges. So, there are plenty of ways for you to upgrade your equipment and avoid any bigger dangers during the hot season.  

Buy a Cooling Mat

A cooling mat that is used mostly for computers can be used for routers and modems as well. The latest cooling mats can connect to your devices through the USB port as well. It will keep rotating around your system to keep it cool but make sure to monitor its power consumption.

Try Wi-Fi Off-and-On Technique

Turning the Wi-Fi router off and on is the oldest method. It is also called restarting. Your router runs 24/7 but, it needs a break too. Understandably, the device turning off can be frustrating for you if you are working from home or doing a live stream. But to save your device from any serious damage it is advised to turn off your router for 5 to 10 minutes at least once a week. 

Let’s Wrap Up

In conclusion, fixing a router is better than suffering from a slow internet connection or disconnected internet connection. If you want to prevent your router from deep-rooted damage you have to protect it from dust and smoke too. Pick any solution and fix your internet connectivity now!