Did you know that Bitcoin has become so popular that around 330,000 transactions typically occur every 24 hours? 1 Bitcoin equals 29,611.07 USD and despite the volatile market, people continue to invest.

If you are want to learn more, keep reading our guide to Bitcoin.

What Is a Bitcoin ATM? 

Bitcoin ATMs are Internet-connected kiosks. These kiosks allow users to buy Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency with cash.

Unlike traditional ATMs, Bitcoin ATMs do not allow users to withdraw money. They also do not allow you to deposit, or transfer money into your account.

Bitcoin ATMs are very safe. Unless someone has access to your digital wallet key, there are no risks of hacking.

Guide to Bitcoin Terminology

Understanding the terminology is Bitcoin 101. Here’s a rundown of some of the terminology used in the Bitcoin world.


Blockchain connects every Bitcoin and maintains every transaction like a record keeper. It stores the data in “blocks,” which signify a time when a set of transactions occurs.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin miners create new Bitcoins by processing the transactions on the Blockchain. Bitcoin Miners used to mine on household computers. But now there are warehouses with specialized computers.

Miners get rewarded through the fees associated with each transaction they process. They are also rewarded with the creation of new Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallets are where users store and help the exchanges of Bitcoin. Most wallets provide a private key, which is essential to your security. There are hot wallets and cold wallets.

While a hot wallet connects to the Internet, cold wallets do not. For this reason, cold wallets are often viewed as more secure.

How Can You Use Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is only getting more popular. Now, it’s easier than ever to buy using cryptocurrency. This year, Paypal, and Overstock as well as other companies invested in Bitcoin. 

You can now use Paypal to buy, sell, or exchange your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. When you use Bitcoin for your everyday purchases, Paypal will convert your currency into your local currency. There are also Bitcoin debit cards and credit cards. These cards give Bitcoin as a reward rather than airline miles or cashback.

You can also buy and sell gift cards for btc with ByteFederal. All you have to do is insert cash to top up any brand gift card. The gift cards don’t expire, are valid wherever gift cards are accepted, and make for great gifts!

Bitcoin Trading Tips for New Investors 

While Bitcoin may seem daunting, below are five trading tips to help you get started:

  1. Know your strategy
  2. Understand volatility and losses
  3. Create a trading plan
  4. Stay updated
  5. Don’t invest anything you can’t afford to lose

By following these tips, you can enter the Bitcoin trading market successfully. Just remember, don’t linger on lost profit and keep trading. Over time, you’ll improve your trading capabilities and become an even more successful Bitcoin trader.

Time to Get Exchanging 

Bitcoin is predicted to grow to $500,000 by 2030, making now an optimal time to invest. Whether you want to use it for holiday shopping or start an investment portfolio, Bitcoin is convenient and seamless to use. As Bitcoin continues to grow, make sure you aren’t left behind and start exchanging today!

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