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Serge Normant unveils the secrets behind the enchanting, bow-embellished style graced by the iconic Sarah Jessica Parker at the New York City Ballet Fall Gala.

When it comes to a theme, trust Sarah Jessica Parker to elevate it to celestial heights. Her most recent spotlight moment at the New York City Ballet 2023 Fall Gala unfolded into a symphony of balletcore aesthetics, with the actress donning a tulle-skirted, off-the-shoulder dress, crowned by an exquisite bow-accented hairstyle.

The magic hands behind this stellar look, Parker’s trusted hairstylist Serge Normant, gave a whisper that the celebrated AJLT star might soon unveil her own collection of hair bows. In an exclusive chat, he opened up about the spectacular, floor-kissing ribbon that became the talk of the town.

“The inspiration was born from a shared desire to weave a grosgrain bow into her ensemble for the esteemed NYC Ballet Fall Gala. A visit to the renowned M&J Trimming in the city, and we found ourselves in possession of that breathtaking, thick ribbon,” shares Normant.

An experimentation of styles led to the conception of a look that had both Normant and Parker in awe – a cascading ribbon flowing gracefully down her back.

A Glimpse into Sarah Jessica Parkers Stunning Bow
Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty

Normant, whose portfolio boasts collaborations with Julia Roberts, Brooke Shields, and Meghan Markle, disclosed Parker’s affection for grosgrain, an element she artistically infused into the collar design of her signature fragrance, Lovely, two decades ago and is a prominent feature of all SJP Collection shoes.

“Since her early days, Sarah had a fondness for adorning her hair with bows, a sentiment that hasn’t waned over the years,” Normant reveals, stirring anticipation for a possible upcoming line of hair bows.

He asks the curious and the enthusiastic to “hold their horses” – an indication that more revelations about these exquisite bows might be on the horizon.

Normant’s signature touch on the red carpet is enhanced by his trusted companion, the award-winning Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray, a staple that promises and delivers perfection.

Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Christy Carlson Romano are already showing keen interest. “Who made that bow?” Hilton queried on an Instagram post capturing Parker’s gala avatar, while Romano echoed the sentiment, pledging to sport a similar look.

Sarah Jessica
Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Admirers of the AJLT star’s gala ensemble, adorned with an off-the-shoulder dress, the iconic mismatched SJP Collection sandals, and a glimmering silver handbag, extends to stars like Kristin Chenoweth and Ellen Pompeo, who have lauded the look publicly.

Amidst the dazzle of the gala, attended by Vanessa Williams, Justin Theroux, and Molly Ringwald, a tender moment was captured – Parker, in her quintessential grace, adjusting the bow tie on her husband, Matthew Broderick’s suit.

Elegance, charm, and whispers of a new venture – Sarah Jessica Parker continues to weave magic, both on and off the red carpet, leaving fans and admirers in eager anticipation of what’s next.