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Radiance and camaraderie filled the air at Hello Sunshine’s debut Shine On Event in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles this past Saturday.

When it comes to a solid rock, Jennifer Garner knows Reese Witherspoon is steadfast.

During a revealing panel discussion at the Shine On Event, Garner, 51, opened up about a poignant moment in her life when Witherspoon, 47, proved her unwavering support.

“I still remember it vividly – being pregnant, with Reese by my side,” Garner recounted, with Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling beside her. “Another time, amidst a tumultuous public ordeal, Reese was my anchor. Dance cardio became our escape.”

Though Garner kept the particulars close to her chest, she lifted the veil on their intense dance sessions.

“We danced with such ferocity, Reese ended up with a broken foot – yet, she pushed through. Our dual workouts, even on vacation, exemplified her tenacity,” Garner chuckled.

A Glimpse into the Unyielding Support Between Jennifer Garner
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Garner, who was once married to Ben Affleck and is a mother to Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, has navigated her personal life under the public’s watchful eye. Affleck has since moved on, tying the knot with Jennifer Lopez in July 2022.

Witherspoon’s support wasn’t just evident in times of turmoil but also in Garner’s parenting journey. “Reese is that friend who reminds you it’s time to hunt for a preschool when you’re lost in the chaos of parenting a toddler,” Garner added.

A Glimpse into the Unyielding Support
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This groundbreaking event marked a milestone for Hello Sunshine, the brainchild of Witherspoon and Seth Rodsky, envisioned as a sanctuary for its community.

Garner was candid about the liberty and voice Hello Sunshine imparted to her and her fellow actresses – a freedom seldom experienced.

“Gatherings at Reese’s weren’t just meetings. They were revelations,” Garner recalled. “For once, we weren’t actresses crossing paths at award shows. We were voices, unbridled and heard.”

Garner and Reese Witherspoon
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This sentiment was echoed throughout the room. “Hello Sunshine ushered in an era where our voices are not just heard but amplified,” affirmed Garner.

Mindy Kaling, also a voice on the panel, held Witherspoon in high regard. Beyond the laughter and talent lies a woman who’s not afraid to voice the hard truths – and still be loved for it.

The event, graced by Fortune Feimster and Tracee Ellis Ross, was a mix of introspective conversations and revelations. Witherspoon unveiled the next gem for Reese’s Book Club – “Maybe Next Time” by Cesca Major. A reflection of the event was encapsulated in Witherspoon’s Instagram story – an unforgettable experience of connection and empowerment.

“Engaging in heartfelt discussions about the potency of connection was a euphoric experience,” Witherspoon shared, casting light on a snapshot capturing a moment with Garner and Kaling, epitomizing the spirit of the event.