There is a growing community of people who prefer listening to music on vinyl rather than digitally. In response, vinyl records have been made available by many current artists and fans are buying them. But what is the difference? And should you listen to music on a turntable? 

There are several different opinions on why it is worthwhile to listen to a vinyl record.

The sound

There is a debate about the sound quality of vinyl records and whether it is superior to digital tracks. Still, many experts swear by it. Vox says, “Vinyl is far more high-quality. No audio data is lost when pressing a record. It sounds just as great as the producer or band intended”. Whether you agree or not is up to you, but aside from the sound, other factors speak for buying vinyl records. 

The experience of listening to an album

One of the reasons has little to do with the medium or the sound quality but rather with the way that an album can be experienced. The songs on an album are arranged in a specific way by the artist and are intended to be enjoyed this way. Together with the often highly creative artwork on the album cover, this can make listening to an album a very different experience. 

Music fans who just purchased vinyl records often used to sit and listen to the entire album. While listening, they would enjoy looking at the cover art of the album and became immersed in the experience of the music. 

Which turntable should you buy?

Record players don’t need to be expensive. Some have USB connections and other modern features and are generally pretty affordable, while still being sturdy and reliable. Some of the most popular turntables are suitcase record players which come in a neat-looking suitcase. There are also turntables in higher price brackets. 

Designs and colors

The fun part is that turntables come in many different designs and colors. Some might prefer a beige, teal, or red-colored suitcase record player, while others might choose a vintage model that rests on tall legs, much like a side table would. Sometimes, turntables are combined with radios or even CD and mixtape players, offering plenty of choices when it comes to your preferred medium. 

Before deciding which turntable to buy, ask yourself how much you would like to spend and which style you prefer. By choosing a sturdy item that will last a long time, you won’t need to worry about replacing it in a few years or even months. If you shop online, you can easily make a more informed decision based on the reviews of other shoppers who have purchased the product. All in all, the vinyl experience can be a fun and entirely new way to enjoy an album.